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Jenny and Moongchy

Smart Taste Majangdong Jerky 250g

Smart Taste Majangdong Jerky 250g

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  • Our nutritious beef jerky snack is suitable for dogs of all ages, starting from 3 months old. We take pride in providing a snack that contains no artificial additives or colors, ensuring a natural and wholesome treat for your furry companion.

    In addition to the high-quality beef, our jerky is made with tapioca starch, trehalose, beet pulp, beta-glucan, and fermented food. These ingredients are carefully selected to provide a balanced and nutritious snack.

    One special ingredient we incorporate is beta-glucan, known for its immune-strengthening properties. This addition helps support your dog's immune system, promoting overall health and well-being.

    We prioritize the use of real ingredients and avoid artificial additives to create a snack that you can feel confident feeding to your furry friend. Treat them to our delicious and nutritious beef jerky, shaped to provide a satisfying chewing experience while supporting their immune system.

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