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[ NATURAL CORE ] Cheese & Chicken with Pumpkin

[ NATURAL CORE ] Cheese & Chicken with Pumpkin

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  • Natural Core Cheese Chicken, a healthy snack made with lactic acid bacteria fermented cheese and low-fat, high-protein chicken breast

  • It is a cubic type that fits in one bite, so it is good to feed at any time, and it is very easy to store because of its zip lock packaging

  • A human-grade snack that uses raw materials for human consumption

  • The fresh and sweet flavor embedded in the cubes, plus the fun of choosing by taste!


  • Bite-sized cubic type snack 

  • 100% edible chicken breast containing freeze-dried apples


  • Using only the low-fat chicken breast, it is lighter and more savory, and it is a healthy snack using the chicken breast we eat.

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