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Jenny and Moongchy

Smart Taste Pocheon Idong Ribs 250g

Smart Taste Pocheon Idong Ribs 250g

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  • Our functional health snack is suitable for dogs of all ages, starting from 3 months old. We take pride in providing a snack that contains no artificial additives or colors, ensuring a natural and wholesome treat for your furry companion.

    Our snack is specially formulated to support joint health, and we achieve this by incorporating glucosamine and green-lipped mussel, known for their beneficial effects on joint function. These ingredients help promote healthy joints and mobility in your dog.

    We understand the importance of avoiding grains and gluten for dogs with sensitivities, which is why our snack is grain and gluten-free. This minimizes the risk of allergies and ensures a gentle and easily digestible snack.

    In our manufacturing process, we prioritize the use of carefully selected fresh ingredients. The combination of duck meat, pea powder, tapioca starch, potato starch, coconut powder, and other natural ingredients provides a rich nutritional profile for your dog's overall well-being.

    We do not add emulsifiers or artificial coloring, maintaining the natural integrity of the snack. The barbecue flavor adds a delicious taste that dogs love.

    Treat your dog to our functional health snack, crafted with their well-being in mind. You can trust that our snack is made with high-quality ingredients and without any artificial additives, providing a nutritious and flavorful experience for your furry friend.

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