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Jenny and Moongchy

Darling kitchen DUCK MEAT 100g

Darling kitchen DUCK MEAT 100g

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  • Introducing our specially formulated dog food designed for weight control. This food is specifically tailored to meet the needs of dogs who require weight management. It offers a lower calorie content compared to dry feed of the same weight, making it ideal for maintaining a healthy weight. One of its key features is its high satiety factor, which helps keep your dog feeling full and satisfied.

    With a moisture content of 70%, this food aids in digestion and is particularly beneficial for dogs who may not drink water as regularly as they should. It helps ensure they stay hydrated while enjoying their meal.

    To address any nutrient imbalances, we have incorporated various vegetables and fruits along with good quality proteins, resulting in a balanced and nutritious diet for your furry companion.

    For dogs with discerning tastes, our food features natural sources and is free from artificial additives. It boasts high palatability, ensuring that even picky eaters will enjoy their meals.

    Give your dog the best with our weight control dog food, providing a balanced nutritional diet, aiding digestion, and satisfying their taste buds with only natural ingredients.

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