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Jenny and Moongchy

[Natural Core] Chicken & Fishbone 70g

[Natural Core] Chicken & Fishbone 70g

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Treat your beloved pets to the delightful goodness of Natural Core Fishbone! This scrumptious 70g treat combines the deliciousness of chicken wrapped around flounder bones, creating a snack that will entice even the pickiest eaters.

Made with 100% human-grade raw materials and produced from human-eating chicken, you can trust that your pets are getting the best quality ingredients. The fish bones used in this treat are rich in calcium, particularly the flatfish bones that provide essential nutrients for your pet's bone health.

This wholesome snack doesn't just taste great; it's also packed with health benefits! The coat is enriched with calcium and omega-3, promoting overall well-being for your furry companions. With a superb sense of smell, your pets will eagerly anticipate their next taste of the Chicken & Fishbone treat.

Give your pets a treat they'll love and that contributes to their health. Choose Natural Core Fishbone, where deliciousness and nutrition come together to create a happy and satisfied pet!

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