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Jenny and Moongchy

[Natural Core] Egg Frittata Veggie 85g

[Natural Core] Egg Frittata Veggie 85g

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  • Introducing Egg Frittata Veggie, a high-quality protein snack that aids in building muscle and promoting overall health. With its unique blend of meat and vegetables, Egg Frittata Veggie is specially formulated to provide optimal nutrition and serve as a health guard for your furry friend.

    Egg Frittata Veggie is a snack that naturally nourishes with the goodness of vegetables. It offers a balanced combination of meat and vegetables, ensuring a wholesome and nutritious treat for your dog.

    Whether your dog is picky with their diet or requires a special diet due to sensitivities, Egg Frittata Veggie is designed to address their unique needs. It's a snack that caters to dogs who may have eccentricities or specific dietary requirements.

    Give your dog the best with Egg Frittata Veggie, a snack that provides quality protein and nourishment from meat and vegetables. Your furry companion will surely enjoy this nutritious and delicious treat.

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